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Kitchen dispenser drawers - Design with a view
Luxury accessories make more out of every good kitchen. The rediscovered dispenser drawers are becoming a very special element here: Elegant, hand-crafted of lead crystal (24% PbO) or ceramic, very convenient, clean and hygienic. Many leading kitchen manufacturers have integrated them into their ranges. And there are also the right dispenser drawer boxes for retrofitting:   Simplicity of design and manufactured of solid beech wood in the best artisan tradition. The pronged edge joints give the body extraordinary strength. Integration into built-in kitchens and kitchen cupboards can be done as desired: Wall mounting, mounting under the upper cupboard or simple placement on the pantry or counter top.
Lead crystal - The queen of glass
Lead crystal (at least 24% PbO) captivates with very high refraction and brilliance. Lead crystal is characterised by its extreme luminance and high radiance; its pitch is pure and long-lasting. Its high specific gravity provides the high quality reproduction. Lead crystal does not yellow, it does not get cloudy, it remains permanently light and clear. Lead crystal is formed when a homogeneous mixture is created from the highest quality raw materials and fused into a liquid glass mass. This glass mass is the basis for all VORMANN lead crystal drawers.   High, traditional glass-making is combined with cutting-edge manufacturing technology in the production. A team of glass-makers working hand-in-hand give the objects form and vibrancy. As a final step, complex acid polishing lends the lead crystal its brilliance. There is also the attractive shape; the design of renowned artists from one of the most important glass-making centres in Europe. Design and quality lend the glass the highest value and grace. The very best materials and excellent workmanship and quality make VORMANN lead crystal dispenser drawers items of true luxury.

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